Why choose t6 designs?

T6 is a new and affordable clothing brand which can offer many additions to your great sense of style. Choosing different hat styles like beanies, snapbacks, dad hats (baseball hats) and slouchy beanies with your favorite T6 logo has never been easier! In addition, T-Shirts with unique designs are offered to you at competitive prices and lasting quality. Comfort comes free with all of our products!

Trust and Honesty

This brand will always be as transparent as possible. We aren't here to offer extremely high prices for cheap products. Our goal is to build a relationship with you and welcome you to the family. 


You might have noticed the pictures on this website and the people repping the T6 Designs brand as normal in a way. That's the point. This brand aims to be as extraordinary as the people who wear it but some might see it as "normal". 


Unique and Quality Products

What we offer isn't earth shattering or revolutionary but we offer more. If you're tired of only seeing sports hats as your only hat wear option in the store or outdated t-shirts, you've come to the right family. 

Growing Selection

We are seeking to grow our collection every day. Although we want to give you the best product, we have to be picky as well. Stay tuned to our social media and never miss a post!